The 100 Must-Read Graphic Novels! (Pt 1)

Funk's House of Geekery

So, graphic novels. They’re awesome, and you’ll be pressed to find a geek without a couple of treasured volumes on their shelves, and a healthy wishlist of titles they want. Whether they be stand-alone books or trade paperbacks collecting the monthly story arcs together they share a shelf and we love them. After a huge amount of work from Slam Adams, Jamie, Hedgie, Paul C. and Matt we’ve got a list of the 100 books we think you need to read. This is a list put together by a small group, based on their personal recommendations. We may not have all your favourites, or the ones you’d expect to see, but that’s what makes this a great list. It’s unique, personal and hopefully you’ll find a new favourite.


Capes and Tight

We’re dividing this up into sections, and the first ten feature some of our pics from the DC universe. Want to…

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