The 100 Must Read Graphic Novels! (Pt 3)

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Man, this has been fun to do…and the response has been great! If there’s any DC titles you’ve been waiting for you may find them here. After the last couple of DC heroes have been listed (some villains will pop up later) we’re going to get stuck in to the Marvel catalogue!

New to the countdown? Here’s Part 1 and Part 2.

One more Capes and Tight

#21 The Dark Knight Returns

#21 – Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Entry by G-Funk

When Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy unfolded on our screens many declared it the first ‘real’ version of Batman in cinema. What they mean by that is that it’s the closest to Frank Miller’s version of the character – the dark, mysterious and gritty vigilante that has become the template for Batman since 1986. This remarkable story shed the camp and goofy image of the character in favour of the Dark Knight we know today. An older…

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