In Memoriam: The Tests That Weren’t

Well, at last the ominously awaited board examinations are done and dusted with.

The most disturbing fact about them (other than being deplorably overhyped) was that they started around 2 p.m. 

The time I usually set aside for a (much deserved) siesta. 

It annoyed me to no end and had me looking forward to six odd sets of three-hour exercises in anger management. Surprisingly, what those extra-conscious hours resulted in is far different from what I had expected.

Here’s to the end of school life, former boys and girls:

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A Defence of the Offensive


The following write-up consists of a one-sided discussion on language, in general, and what may be termed as bad,or offensive language,in particular. Those of the weak heart or conviction or totally disinterested in approaching a line of reasoning with an open mind are not required to grace this page with their views.

So, bottom line, if swear words hurt your eyes, you may want to stop reading sometime around…now.

Still here?
Well you asked for it…

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