In Memoriam: The Tests That Weren’t

Well, at last the ominously awaited board examinations are done and dusted with.

The most disturbing fact about them (other than being deplorably overhyped) was that they started around 2 p.m. 

The time I usually set aside for a (much deserved) siesta. 

It annoyed me to no end and had me looking forward to six odd sets of three-hour exercises in anger management. Surprisingly, what those extra-conscious hours resulted in is far different from what I had expected.

Here’s to the end of school life, former boys and girls:

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Breaking New Ground: Episode One.

I won’t go for a proper by-the-books write-up until I’m certain I’ve gained some ground here.

And to think I was mouldering away all these days reading only what little my Facebook ‘page-follows’ coughed up.

My blog hasn’t had a proper ‘hit‘ yet- or that’s what my counter would have me believe.

But everything that gets done in this world gets done by hope(that was the Dalai Lama,if you’re interested) and hence I can’t let this disappointment of mine to last for long(that’s hope for you folks-hurrah for the Blue Lantern Corps!).

Instead,I fell on to my old notebook for a suitable write-up.
What I found,however,was poetry.

Or the pale imitation of it that I manage to set down on paper at some rare moment.

What I found is the following
(Ties in quite well with the fact that this is a blog post,doesn’t it?):

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