The Wisdom of Gilbert Chesterton: an attempt at a tribute

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Breaking New Ground: Episode One.

I won’t go for a proper by-the-books write-up until I’m certain I’ve gained some ground here.

And to think I was mouldering away all these days reading only what little my Facebook ‘page-follows’ coughed up.

My blog hasn’t had a proper ‘hit‘ yet- or that’s what my counter would have me believe.

But everything that gets done in this world gets done by hope(that was the Dalai Lama,if you’re interested) and hence I can’t let this disappointment of mine┬áto last for long(that’s hope for you folks-hurrah for the Blue Lantern Corps!).

Instead,I fell on to my old notebook for a suitable write-up.
What I found,however,was poetry.

Or the pale imitation of it that I manage to set down on paper at some rare moment.

What I found is the following
(Ties in quite well with the fact that this is a blog post,doesn’t it?):

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